General Membership Renewal Instructions
Welcome back!  We're thrilled that you're choosing to spend another summer having fun at the pool with us!  When you click on "Renew Now" below, you will have the option to change your membership level by clicking on the "Change Membership Level" button, or to simply renew your membership at last year's level by clicking on the "Renew" button.
You will need to "Change Levels" if:
  • You were a FIRST YEAR STOCK PURCHASER last year. 
  • You completed your last stock installment payment and became a stockholder last year.
  • You wish to register for a different type of membership than you did last year.
  • You were a Summer-Only Non-Stock Trial Member last year (click here to view renewal details).
You can simply "Renew" if:
  • You were a full stockholder PRIOR TO last year AND you wish to register for the same membership you did last year.
  • You made your second stock installment payment last year and need to complete your installment payments this year at the same membership level.

Please review and update all registration fields CAREFULLY to ensure accuracy and completeness of information and fee totaling.

Family Plus Membership  $685
Our most popular membership category includes Family Rec Membership PLUS free swim/dive/water ballet lessons, and pool time.

Add Swim/Dive Team Participation: $140/child, $325 family max
Additional team membership fee partially covers costs for coaches’ salaries, meet fees, T-shirts, and special swim team events. May only be added to Family Plus Membership.
Family Rec Membership  $605
For families with children who do not wish to participate in lessons, water ballet or competitive teams; includes all open swim times, water exercise and social events.
Couple Membership  $400
For adult couples (over 18 years of age) who wish to make use of the pool during open swim times, lap swim and all social events.
Individual Membership  $310
Available to individuals aged 18 years and older, includes open swim, lap swim, and social events.
Senior Membership $140, Couple $195
Available to individuals aged 65 years and older, includes open swim, lap swim, and social events. Stock is not required for this membership.

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